Victorian Brass and Blue Glass Bug Pin

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Beguiling blue bug. Created from faceted blue glass cut to sparkle. The legs and head of this sweet bug are created from brass that has been gold washed. Most of the gold has worn off revealing the brass which has aged to a very nice patina. The legs have a stamped pattern on them as do the antennae. The thorax (upper body) is a pale sapphire blue rhinestone that has been set into an ornate bezel cup. The abdomen is a deep sapphire blue, nearly cobalt blue, tear drop shaped piece of faceted glass. Also bezel set. Extremely Fine condition. Older C type clasp. Not signed. Gift boxed. (The box is not vintage.)
(Item #10713)

  • Circa: 1910-1930
  • Composition: Brass & sapphire blue faceted glass.
  • Size: 1-3/8 inches from antennae to tip of abdomen. 1-1/2 inches from side to side.

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