Victorian Brass Bracelet Set

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A beautiful set of bracelets from the Victorian era. Created from brass and stamped with an elaborate pattern of leaves and flowers. These bracelets appear to have been created from a long strip of brass that was stamped with a repeating pattern and then cut to the appropriate lengths. The pattern on each bracelet is identical but each bracelet is slightly different because of where the pattern ends and begins. For a closure, one end of each bracelet has been rolled to create a cylinder that hooks into a slot at the other end. The pair appear to be inlaid with Taille d'epergne enameling. At first it appeared to be tarnish but after a bit of cleaning it became apparent that the darker areas are actually enamel. 3/4 inches wide and inside circumference of 7 inches. Wearing multiple bracelets on each arm and sets of bracelets was the height of fashion during this time period. Extremely Fine condition with no damage, dents, bends or repairs. Slightly oval in shape with no out of shape bends. Much of the gold wash has worn off allowing the brass to show through. It has aged to a very nice patina. Not hallmarked. Gift boxed. The boxes are not vintage or antique.
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  • Circa: 1880-1910
  • Composition: Gold washed brass.
  • Size: 7 inches inside circumference. 3/4 inch wide.

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