10011 Topaz Glass & Brass Necklace

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1930's Topaz Glass & Brass Necklace

Fabulous topaz glass!! This lovely 1930's creation features five rounded triangular pieces of prong set topaz glass that are faceted on the back not the front which creates an unusual effect. The settings are open on the back to allow light to shine through. On either side of these are faceted amber glass beads that graduate in size from 10mm to 6mm.
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10652 Weiss Aurora Borelais Necklace & Earrings

Weiss Aurora Borealis Necklace and Earrings

A simply beautiful vintage aurora borealis necklace and earrings set by Weiss. Each piece is hallmarked. Extremely Fine condition.
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10090 Art Deco Sterling Silver, Chrysoprase, and Marcasite Pendant

Art Deco Sterling Silver, Chrysoprase, and Marcasite Pendant

Cool sophistication! A wonderful Art Deco design that is elegant while still embodying the geometric simplicity that characterized this design period. The Art Deco period celebrated the rise of commerce and technology and the designwork emphasized geometric shapes and intense colors. This necklace is comprised of sterling silver, dyed chrysoprase and lots of marcasite.
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10527 1950s Rose Aurora Borealis Parure

1950s Rose Aurora Borealis Necklace, Bracelet, and Earrings Set

All the magic of the aurora borealis predominately in hues of rose. There are sparkles and flashes in golds, greens and blues as well. A delightful set that includes a necklace, bracelet and earrings. Extremely Fine condition. Not hallmarked.
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10897 1940s French Jet Set

1940s Black Glass and Brass Necklace and Bracelet Set

An elegant 1940s necklace and bracelet set created from sparkling faceted black glass. The large oval pieces of faceted glass are prong set in open back settings. Really a remarkably beautiful set that was worn gently and well cared for. Not hallmarked.
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10293 Victorian Brass Festoon Necklace

Victorian Gold-Washed Brass Festoon Necklace

A very elegant gold-washed brass festoon necklace from the Victorian era. The beads are a smokey topaz color glass. Adjustable so that it can be worn as a choker or a longer necklace. Closes with a gilded brass hook. At the end of the chain on the side opposite the hook, is a gilded brass filigree ball.
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10461 Weiss Aurora Borealis Rhinestone Parure

Weiss Aurora Borealis Rhinestone Parure

Magical Aurora Borealis! An exquisite necklace, bracelet and earrings set by Weiss. All pieces are marked and all pieces match perfectly. Comprised of silver toned metal and rhinestones that sparkle and glow in all of the glorious shades of the Northern Lights.
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10780 Vintage Amber Glass and Brass Flower Necklace

Vintage 1930s Amber Glass and Brass Flower Necklace

A 1930s necklace comprised of brass filigree and large sparkling topaz glass stones. The stones are bezel set in brass and each is additionally ornamented with a brass flower that extends from the edge of the bezel to the center of the glass. Extremely Fine overall condition with no damage to glass or metal. The necklace bears no hallmark.
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10484 Art Deco Pink Crystal Pendant

Art Deco Pink Crystal Pendant

Art Deco with an Egyptian accent! This dainty little pendant is created from silver which surrounds a faceted piece of pink glass that is not shocking but electric. The glass has been flashed to give it a most unusual glow. The intricately detailed bail from which the pendant hangs seems somewhat Egyptian in style. The stone is surrounded by delicate floral filigree.
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10807 Victorian Carved Amber and Brass Necklace

Victorian Gilded Brass Flower and Carved Amber Drop Necklace

A delightful Victorian necklace comprised of gilded brass flowers and genuine carved amber drops. This necklace is pictured in Popular Jewelry by Roseann Ettinger. Extremely Fine condition. Not hallmarked.
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