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Victorian Brass Flowers Choker Necklace

An antique Victorian choker comprised of brass. The links of the chain are cut and stamped to look like leaves and adorning the center front of the necklace are three brass flowers. The petals are layers of brass with small brass beads creating the centers of the flowers. The clasp is a push style clasp that has been stamped with an ornate leaf pattern. Extremely Fine condition. Not hallmarked. Item # 10705 Price: SOLD $105 USD Tell me more!

10784 Victorian Brass Filigree Fringe Necklace

Victorian Brass Filigree Fringe Necklace

A necklace that will bring out the gypsy in you. This necklace has the feel of the Arts and Crafts period of the late 19th century. Created from brass but with more of a copper color to it. From the elaborately stamped bookchain a profusion of filigree squares and round cutouts dangle from cable chains. The necklace chimes softly when it moves.
Item # 10784 Price: SOLD $165 USD Tell me more!

10739 Vintage Celluloid Flower Necklace

Vintage Celluloid Flower Necklace

A delightfully whimsical necklace of celluloid flowers hanging from an ivory colored celluloid chain. The petals of the flowers are created from paper thin, pale green celluloid. The centers of the flowers are heavily textured celluloid in pastel hues of pink and yellow. The flowers have been wired to the chain with green cloth covered wire. Extremely Fine condition.
Item # 10739 Price: SOLD $195 USD Tell me more!

10126 Victorian Gilded Brass & Peking Glass Bookchain Necklace

Victorian Gilded Brass & Peking Glass Bookchain Necklace

Uniquely beautiful! The flower petals that enclose the sea green Peking glass beads make this necklace an unusual variation on the bookchain necklaces so popular during this time period.
Item # 10126   Price: SOLD $165 USD   Tell me more!

10085 1930's Gilded Brass and Celluloid Tortoise Shell Necklace

1930's Gilded Brass and Celluloid Tortoise Shell Necklace

Golden Autumn leaves!! The warm tones of this celluloid tortoise shell necklace really capture the warmth of Fall leaves. The leaves glow with color. The metal chain from which they hang is gilded brass.
Item # 10085   Price: SOLD $65 USD   Tell me more!

10018 Victorian Gold Gilt Brass Lily Necklace

Victorian Gold Gilt Brass Lily Necklace

Unique gilded lily! It is comprised of gold gilt over brass. As is common with these older gold gilt over brass pieces, the gold has worn off in a few places allowing the aged brass beneath it to show through. The detail on the calyx lobe of the flower is lovely and the stem bends so very gracefully. The center of the flower is a prong set faceted piece of amethyst glass. The snake style chain is very vinelike.
Item # 10018   Price: SOLD $175 USD  Tell me more!

10234 Victorian Amethyst & Brass Necklace

Victorian Amethyst Glass & Gilded Brass Necklace

Victorian romance! A delightful creation comprised of faceted amethyst glass, bezel set in brass and surrounded by intricately detailed gilded brass. Choker length, 15 1/2 inches.
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10414 Vintage Brass Nefertiti Pendant

Vintage Red Rhinestone & Brass Nefertiti Pendant

Mysterious Nefertiti! A rare Egyptian Revival pendant and box chain created from brass. The image depicted on the pendant is that of Nefertiti framed by a snake, symbol of eternal life. Hanging from the pendant are three ruby red rhinestones.
Item # 10414   Price: SOLD  Tell me more!

10425 Vintage Copper Necklace

Vintage Copper Necklace

Exquisite workmanship! A beautiful necklace hand wrought from copper. Hallmarked, 'Morley-Crimi, Hand Wrought'.
Item # 10425   Price: SOLD   Tell me more!

10411 Weiss Amber Rhinestones Set

Weiss Amber Rhinestones Necklace & Earrings Set

Sparkling amber! The rhinestones flash many colors of amber from dark to light and sparkle very brilliantly. Set in silver toned metal with closed backs. All pieces hallmarked, 'Weiss'.
Item #10411   Price: SOLD $180.00 USD   Tell me more!


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