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Vintage Danecraft Sterling Silver Necklace & Bracelet

Fanciful swirls of sterling silver!! A beautiful vintage Danecraft sterling silver set that is somewhat similar in design to the sea shell, the chambered nautilus. Or perhaps the swirls are small waves. Depending on how you turn the necklace and bracelet, the swirls can be swirling up or swirling down.
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10409 Edwardian Faux Pearl Lavalier

Edwardian Faux Pearl & Silver Lavalier

Perfect creamy pearls!! The faux glass pearls are in exquisite condition for a necklace of this age. They show no loss of finish, scratches or nicks. The tear drop shaped pearls are capped with ornate silver leaves that drop by their chains through a pearl encrusted silver oval.
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10478 Weiss Rhinestone Pink Plastic Clamper

Weiss Rhinestone Pink Plastic Clamper Bracelet

A delightful vintage 1950s peachy pink plastic clamper bracelet by Weiss. The front has been liberally sprinkled with sparkling aurora borealis and clear rhinestones. Hallmarked and in excellent condition.
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10445 Vintage Gold Locket

Vintage Gold Heart Locket

Romantic gold locket! This lovely little locket is 10k gold over silver. Hallmarked as such on the back. The central heart rests on a larger mother of pearl heart. Perfect condition with original chain. It is rare to find one of these with the original chain. Picture frames inside also present and in perfect condition.
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10536 Weiss Rhinestone Clamper Bracelet

Weiss Ivory Plastic Rhinestone Clamper Bracelet

A classic ivory plastic clamper bracelet by Weiss. Sprinkled with large rhinestones of amethyst, peridot, sapphire, and tourmaline pink. Between the colored stones are diamonds formed of clear rhinestones. Extremely Fine condition. Hallmarked Weiss.
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10429 Brass Jingle Ball Necklace

Vintage Brass Jingle Ball Necklace

Very musical! An interesting necklace created from hollow brass balls. The heavily textured surface of the balls causes them to reflect the light in thousands of golden glints. As the balls bump into one another they chime softly. A delightful necklace to wear!
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10171 1930's Amethyst Glass, Guilloche Enamel & Brass Necklace

1930's Amethyst Glass, Guilloche Enamel & Brass Necklace

Deliciously purple! If you are a lover of purples, this necklace is for you. Comprised of oval faceted amethyst glass stones prong set in open backed settings, ornately stamped brass and mauve guilloche enamel and a brass paper clip chain.
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10540 Vintage Weiss Rhinestone Clamper Bracelet

Vintage Weiss Rhinestone Clamper Bracelet

A vintage Weiss clamper bracelet set with sparkling pastel colored marquise rhinestones. Smaller round clear rhinestones have been sprinkled between the larger pastel rhinestones. The bracelet itself is ivory colored plastic. Hallmarked, WEISS.
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10016 Victorian Hammered Brass & Faux Pearl Necklace

Victorian Hammered Brass & Faux Pearl Necklace

Intriguing! Wear this and you will be the immediate focus of attention no matter what room you enter. First they will hear you coming. Imagine the sound of the wind rustling delicate brass leaves. And then all eyes will focus on the source of this delightful sound. Oh my! Needless to say, I love this necklace. Everytime I put it on, my heart becomes a little happier. It is created entirely from stamped brass hammered into cones atop which are placed lovely brass roses. The centers of the roses are glass faux pearls.
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10722 Victorian Brass & Red Glass Necklace

Victorian Red Glass and Gold Washed Brass Necklace

An ornate Victorian creation of gold washed brass and faceted red-violet glass. The colour of the glass is rather unusual. At first glance it appears to be a true red but when looked at in bright light, the red sparkles with violet and fuschia shades. I was not able to capture the nuance of colour in my photos. The larger oval faceted glass stones are prong set in intricately detailed brass fringes. The necklace closes with an elaborate filigree box clasp. Very Fine condition.
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