10647 Vintage Danecraft Sterling Silver Necklace

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Vintage Danecraft Sterling Silver Necklace Necklace

A rare Danecraft sterling silver necklace. Fanciful wings of filigree with a floral accent on each piece. Floral spacers connect the wings. A delight to wear and in Extremely Fine condition. Hallmarked.
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10778 1930s Amber Glass & Enamel Necklace

Vintage 1930s Amber Glass, Enamel and Brass Necklace

A delightful creation comprised of gold washed brass filigree inlaid with enamel and faceted amber glass. The glass stones are foil backed which really adds to their sparkle. The two faceted stones are prong set in closed back brass settings. The enamel that ornaments the brass filigree spacers between the glass stones, is of a peach color. Very Good condition overall.
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10643 Art Deco Silver Red Glass Pendant

Art Deco Silver Pendant with Red Glass Jewel

From the Art Deco era, a unique pendant created in a design that is quite Egyptian. Unlike most similar pendants of this era, the setting in which the glass gemstone has been placed, is closed back. The silver that covers the back of the stone has been engraved elaborately. Hallmarked. Extremely Fine condition.
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10662 Vintage Brass Grapes & Pink Glass Necklace

Vintage Brass Grapes and Pink Glass Jewels Necklace

Really hot pink glass gemstones framed by gold washed brass grapes. The glass jewels sparkle brilliantly. Extremely Fine condition. Not hallmarked.
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10125 1930's Brass Filigree & Yellow Satin Glass Necklace

1930's Brass Filigree & Yellow Satin Glass Necklace

Glistening yellow satin glass!! This lovely necklace from the 1930's is comprised of brass filigree and seven bezel set yellow satin glass cabochons. The satin glass is a beautiful semi-opaque glass with streaks of varying shades of butter yellow throughout.
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10717 Victorian Gold Washed Brass Fringe Necklace

Victorian Brass Fringe Necklace

A Victorian era fringe necklace comprised of heavy brass chain from which hang stamped brass dangles. The dangles appear to have retained all of their gold washed finish. The brass chain has lost a bit of its gold wash but has aged to a lovely warm patina. Extremely Fine condition.
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10456 Art Deco Chrysoprace Pendant

Art Deco Chrysoprace & Marcasite Pendant

Art Deco elegance!! A perfect piece of green chrysoprace is the focal point of this lovely pendant. The stone is set in engraved sterling silver that is accented with sparkling marcasites. The pendant hangs from a delicate sterling silver paperclip chain.
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10462 Vintage Pink Star Glass Necklace

Vintage Pink Star Glass Necklace

Exquisite pink glass!! A most unusual vintage necklace comprised of gold washed brass and pieces of pink glass that each have a star molded into it. The result somewhat resembles a star sapphire.
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10016 Victorian Hammered Brass & Faux Pearl Necklace

Victorian Hammered Brass & Faux Pearl Necklace

Intriguing! Wear this and you will be the immediate focus of attention no matter what room you enter. First they will hear you coming. Imagine the sound of the wind rustling delicate brass leaves. And then all eyes will focus on the source of this delightful sound.
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10400 Vintage Amethyst Glass Choker

Vintage Amethyst Glass & Filigree Necklace

Deliciously amethyst! A perfect combination of amethyst glass and filigree. The pieces of glass are a perfect shade of amethyst, prong set, and faceted to capture the light beautifully. Between the pieces of glass are spacers of delicate gold-washed brass filigree. Hallmarked 'Germany'.
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