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Antique Victorian Locket Festoon Necklace

From the victorian era, an elegant and beautiful festoon necklace locket. A unique and rare find, particularly in such excellent condition. Created from brass that has been ornately engraved and gold washed. The locket has been engraved on both sides. The engraving is identical on each side. It will hold two pictures and opens and closes very nicely. Plastic picture covers and wire frames to hold it and the images down, are still in place. The necklace closes with a fold over clasp. Gift boxed. (The box is not antique or vintage.)
Item # 10857   Price: SOLD $225 USD  Tell me more!

10035 1920's Green Crystal & Sterling Silver Lariat Necklace

1920's Green Crystal & Sterling Silver Lariat Necklace

Incredible crystals! I have never seen crystals this color, peach on the outside edges fading to pale green and then a deeper green in the center. They are exquisite! This is a vintage 1920's lariat style necklace. There is no clasp. To fasten, you loop the ends over one another in the front. This was a very popular style during the 'Roaring Twenties'. Sterling silver paper clip style chain and lead glass crystals. Pristine condition with no nicks in the crystals or damage to the silver.
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10083 1930's Gilded Brass Bookchain and Glass Dangles Necklace

1930's Gilded Brass Bookchain and Glass Dangles Necklace

Very expressive! I have only tried this necklace on once and it made me feel like running away from home to dance around a fire with the gypsies. Comprised of gilded brass and a multitude of glass dangles capped with brass. The glass dangles are slightly flattened and curved.
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10242 Vintage Silver Filigree & Amethyst Glass Necklace

Vintage Silver Filigree & Amethyst Glass Necklace

Ornate silver filigree!! Whorls of rhodium plated silver filigree surround a piece of sparkling faceted prong set amethyst glass. The links of the chain are shaped like butterfly wings and each alternating link is adorned with a 1.5mm piece of marcasite. Circa: 1920.
Item # 10242   Price: SOLD $125 USD  Tell me more!

Victorian Brass & Topaz Glass Necklace

Victorian Brass & Topaz Glass Necklace

Elegantly ornate! Created from brass and bezel set faceted topaz glass. This neckace is somewhat crudely cast as you can see from the closup and may possibly be pinchbeck. Pinchbeck is difficult to identify as there are no tests that can diffentiate it from other brass. The quality of this brass seems quite a bit more coppery than the brass of pieces that I have that were created after 1900.
Item #10051   Price: SOLD $125 USD    Tell me more!

Ivory & Celluloid Buddha Necklace

Ivory & Celluloid Buddha Necklace

Affordable jade! The Buddha and the jade stones are celluloid. All metal parts are very nicely detailed brass. On either side of the Buddha are prong set faux glass pearls and above his head, a prong set glass amethyst. An extremely well crafted necklace.
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10243 Vintage Ivory Enamel Collar

Vintage Ivory & Gold Gilt Enamel Collar

Very unique! A beautifully crafted collar created from ivory and gold gilt enamel in a modern primitive design. Sized for a delicate neck, 13 inches. Perfect condition!!
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10107 Amber Crystal Bead Necklace

Amber Crystal Bead Necklace

Sparkling amber crystal! This is a beautiful example of the crystal necklaces popular during the 1930's. Each of the beautiful faceted beads are separated by amber glass spacer beads and are graduated in size from 15mm down to 5mm at the clasp.
Item # 10107   Price: SOLD $55 USD   Tell me more!

10014 Victorian Brass Bead Necklace

Victorian Brass Bead Necklace

Simply elegant! Four rows of gold gilt over brass beads comprise this lovely little Victorian choker necklace. It is obviously intended to be worn with the hair up and a gown with a lower neckline to reveal the ornate push clasp. A delight to wear. It is in excellent condition with only a small amount of the gold gilt worn off. The clasp is in pristine working condition.
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10168 Art Deco Onyx, Marcasite & Sterling Silver Necklace

Art Deco Onyx, Marcasite & Sterling Silver Necklace

Art Deco delight! This is an incredibly elaborate Art Deco collar comprised of sterling silver, onyx and so much glittering marcasite that I can't even begin to count the pieces. A feast for the eyes and your neck won't mind having it around either.
Item # 10168   Price: SOLD $325 USD   Tell me more!


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